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Kelly & Luke | Stonebriar Country Club | Soft Romance Wedding

Who knew planning a wedding in 2020 would end up with three wedding dates for some of our couples? After changing their date three times, Kelly and Luke decided to invest in a planner to help with the ever-changing times. Having to reduce their numbers substantially, you would have thought it would have substantially reduced their party, but that was far from the truth for Kelly & Luke! And did they know how to party!! Their winter, moonlit wedding at Stonebriar Country Club, surrounded by intimate friends and family, was a beautiful, memorable experience for all who came. The intimacy of their relationships was seen throughout the night with their close friend officiating, Kelly's brother and Luke's cousin singing an unforgettable duet song at the reception, to the family gathered around the memory table reminiscing on those who could not be a part of their special day! Ending 2020 with this sweet, intimate wedding was a treat for our team and a reminder of the greatest lessons from 2020: "The gift of life is the greatest gift of life, and always embrace change!"


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