About the team

Evie Morgan, Owner and Lead Wedding Planner


Dedicated to our clients, Evie works with a strong commitment to every detail, while doing so with warmth and grace. With 18 years in the event industry, Evie is an expert at finding the vendors that best suit your preferences and budget. Her true joy as a wedding planner comes from her love for people and walking with them through an oftentimes stressful process. Evie received her certification with the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners.


Deena Minter, Lead Wedding Planner

Deena started coordinating events in 2011 and also received her training through the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners in 2016.  Deena knocks it out of the park for our clients with her attention to detail and service centered attitude.  In addition to spending time with her two daughters, you might find Deena drinking a chai tea latte at Mudsmith or running at White Rock Lake. 

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“I tend to over analyze, stress, and worry about every decision or possible outcome. So as you can imagine, having our wedding planner, Evie, was a dream. Evie’s creative input during the planning process was invaluable! I LOVED having her there to help with the decisions along the way. She is so creative and was brilliant at making choices from the point of view of our tastes (the bride and groom). She kept a perfectly organized and detailed record throughout our engagement of everything we needed to know/do or had decided for our wedding day. She made all the phone calls for us to make sure our day went off without a problem. This meant that we could really enjoy our days leading up to our wedding. Even though she is a tiny thing, she played one of the biggest parts in our wedding! Her smiling face and fierce ability to rein in our wedding party to get the important things done throughout the day was so great! I was able, and absolutely giddy, to fully trust her to make my wedding PERFECT! I’m happy to say it wouldn’t have been without her. I HIGHLY recommend you to let her make yours beautiful and stress free as well”.