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Our team is here for YOU! 

We operate as a team, which means when you hire us, you are not just hiring a lead planner but an entire team of women ready to make your day special! Our dedicated, detail-oriented team is what sets us apart. The peaceful presence we create allows you to savor the rich moments of your day.

We listen.

     We guide. 

           We serve.


Evie Morgan | Owner +  Lead Wedding Planner

As owner of Evie Morgan Events, Evie has worked for over 18 years in the event industry honing her skills and expertise by creating a business and team that is guided with wisdom, grace, and exceptional customer care. Evie received her certification with the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners and strives to continually grow and learn everyday how to better our experience for our brides and grooms. Dedicated to our clients, she works with a strong commitment to every detail while providing our clients with warmth and peace of mind. Amazingly, Evie is an expert at building a team of vendors that best suit our clients preferences, personalities and budget, which creates a seamless experience to their day. Above all, her true joy as a wedding planner comes from her passion for people and walking with them through an often time stressful process. She is known by her team and clients for giving her best to her couples. Along with event planning, Evie loves to gather people together to celebrate life and host small events to connect, create and collaborate. Besides running Evie Morgan Events on a daily basis and being the star of our team, Evie can be seen loving and chasing her precious 6 year old son Lincoln and leaving the city for an occasional spontaneous, small road trip nearby. Her top 3 must haves are a cup of coffee by cozy fireplace⁠, prosecco with the team⁠,  and statement earrings!


Deena Minter  |  Lead Wedding Planner + Content Creator

Since 2011, Deena has enjoyed coming alongside her clients planning their special events and weddings. She received her training through the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners in 2016 and has been a great asset to our team. With her keen eye for details and service-centered attitude, Deena endeavors to go above and beyond for our clients. On your wedding day, she desires to create an environment of peace and beauty for her couples so they will be rest assured they will be able to savor the day and cherish each unforgettable moment! Her love for creativity, all things beautiful, and passion for checklists, led her to pursue her dream job as an event planner out of the natural flow of her life. With her work with florists and wedding venues to owning her own business designing and selling handmade aprons at local farmers markets, she brings many skills to our team. When she is not planning events, Deena can be found savoring the moments with her husband and two teenage daughters. Her top 3 must haves are hot cup of tea with hubby at local coffee shop, barefoot running at White Rock Lake, & baths before bed, especially after weddings.


Morgan Salvador |  Lead Wedding Planner

Morgan has been in the non-profit event industry since 2014, however, she transitioned into wedding industry in 2020. Morgan is very relational and you will quickly feel as though she has been your closest friend for years. She is passionate about executing your vision for your wedding and making sure you are able to enjoy every moment. She is detail oriented, observant, and highly motivated. Morgan stays in the know on latest wedding trends and you will feel her passion to see every vision you have come to life. With Morgan on your team, you will know every detail is being looked over and she is an excellent communicator and problem solver. She is a team player and unifier and you will love having her on your team! When Morgan is not planning weddings, she is working at her church as the Children's Director and the Pastor's Executive Assistant. She can also be regularly found spending time with her husband and their adorable golden doodle or going on walks with friends. Her top 3 must haves are an iced vanilla latte with oat milk, quality time with Jesus, family, and friends, and a finding a new good restaurant patio (to go with her chips and queso)!  


Julie Phillips |  Assistant Wedding Planner

Julie joined our team in 2018, with a background in the event industry including hospitality and catering. With poise and eloquence, Julie's heart for our clients in seen in every detail of the planning process. She has a keen awareness of the needs of every client and strives to serve in any way. Her top 3 must haves are time with Jesus 1st thing in the morning, time with precious family (partial to her amazing grandchildren), and time with her dear friends!


Debi Chapman |  Assistant Wedding Planner

Debi joined our team in 2020. Her heart attitude that she brings to the team is "How can I serve?' She is always willing to serve our clients and does it lovingly behind the scenes.  Besides assisting our lead planners on wedding days, she is also a local realtor helping many people find their dream homes. Debi always has a house full of love when her 11 kids and 11 grandkids come together to celebrate life and family. Her top must haves: Love of God - family & friends. 


Annie White |  Assistant Wedding Planner

Annie joined out team in April 2017. Her kindness and warmth are what make her a perfect match for our team and clients. In every event, we see Annie as a beautiful example of what it means to serve our clients!⁠ Besides running around with Evie Morgan Events, Annie is a counselor and just as with wedding planning, serves her clients with her whole heart as she desires to be a safe place for them. Her top 3 must haves are coffee shops & Book stores⁠, long walks with friends⁠, and ⁠flowers⁠!

Sarah Tyler-Wedding Images 2-0373
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“I tend to over analyze, stress, and worry about every decision or possible outcome. So as you can imagine, having our wedding planner, Evie, was a dream. Evie’s creative input during the planning process was invaluable! I LOVED having her there to help with the decisions along the way. She is so creative and was brilliant at making choices from the point of view of our tastes (the bride and groom). She kept a perfectly organized and detailed record throughout our engagement of everything we needed to know/do or had decided for our wedding day. She made all the phone calls for us to make sure our day went off without a problem. This meant that we could really enjoy our days leading up to our wedding. Even though she is a tiny thing, she played one of the biggest parts in our wedding! Her smiling face and fierce ability to rein in our wedding party to get the important things done throughout the day was so great! I was able, and absolutely giddy, to fully trust her to make my wedding PERFECT! I’m happy to say it wouldn’t have been without her. I HIGHLY recommend you to let her make yours beautiful and stress free as well”.


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