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Beth & Mitch | Porch Wedding & the Chapel at Ana Villa

Like many, Beth & Mitch's beautiful spring wedding was postponed after the 2020 shutdown and changed to a beautiful summer June date a few months later. Our bride and groom had anxiously been awaiting their spring wedding with much excitement, so instead of changing their anniversary date like many couples, they used the opportunity to have an intimate family only, porch wedding. Instead of a big fancy venue, they recited their vows at their already booked quaint AirB&B in Fairview, Texas on their original date. They were surrounded by parents, officiant, and photographer. Beautifully, Beth & Mitch walked out all the uncertainties and all the changes with much grace and peace. Their planner Deena was able to help them travail the re-planning and reach out to our amazing vendor team, who were so gracious with Beth & Mitch. Then June 12, 2020 they were surrounded by all their family and friends at the Chapel at Ana Villa for the big party!! As Beth eloquently expressed her thoughts the day after her first wedding: “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” Ecclesiastes 3:1 "If anything these past couple weeks have taught me is that God’s timing is much better than our own! This virus may have postponed our wedding till the summer! But it couldn’t postpone our vows! It wasn’t how we originally envisioned it, but it was sweeter than I ever imagined." Cheers to many more unexpected sweet moments for Beth & Mitch and always celebrating two anniversary dates!


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